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A question about safety of the game

Moviestarplanet game is well known in all the generation but most of its users are children’s from the age of 8 to 15 and these children’s plays moviestarplanet on daily basis. The game is about a moviestar and his journey to become a superstar from a small star or a guy. In this journey when you are a beginner you are provided some in game money which are called star coins in order to create your friend circle in the game and also to purchase fashionable clothes and arrange events in order to achieve popularity among your friends circle and earn some fame in the game. By earning a fame and completing small tasks in the game you will be gifted with more coins. It has another one option of watching what other stars are doing in compare with you and arrange your plans to overcome them in the game. This is the all over structure of this game but there is one issue in this game which is becoming a serious problem now a days.

What is the problem in moviestarplanet?

By playing moviestarplanet children’s are becoming so jealous in their real life too. I recently examined a case in Canada where two close friends living next to each other and both of them regularly used to play moviestarplanet game. Those are peter and mac. Few days ago peter’s father bought a brand new car for them peter showed his car to his friend mac and what mac did? Next day he broke peter’s dads brand new car’s headlight in front of peter and said to him that you are becoming more famous than me. This is the result in society of playing moviestarplanet game. Moviestarplanet developers should care about this thing and arrange some steps to stop these nonsense jealousy.

It will direct impact on the society

Children’s are becoming selfish and jealous from each other in their real life which is not good for them as well as the future of the country. Someone should take a serious action against this situation now before it is crossing the limits. Today the situation children’s are liking that game very much and if you stop them by playing the game they will shout on you and if you stop giving money to play the game they will search for online for moviestarplanet hack. This is very tough situation nowadays and all parents are already fed-up from this.

Popularity of the game

The game is good but the impact of the game is very bad among st the children’s who plays it. This game is teaching to the children’s for how to become a famous but the way it showing is very wrong. If moviestarplanet reach my article then please look into it as early as possible.